Free Silicon Conference 2023

Looking inside my first ASIC with a particle accelerator

The MOnSter 6502 - a 6502 processor out of discrete transistors

Analog with Digital Standard Cells

Interview with James Stine - Open Source Standard Cells

ASIC Development in the Cloud

Interview With Teo

Interview With Matt Guthaus

Interview With Tom Spyrou

Interview With Dirk Koch and Nguyen Dao

Livestream with Thomas Parry: analogue design with the open source ASIC tools

Interview With Dan Rodrigues - first shuttle, racing the beam & retro gaming

Interview With Thomas Parry - Amateur satellite radio, Open Source vs Industry tools and beautiful analogue layout

Interview With Anton Blanchard - Microwatt: a 64 bit OpenPOWER core, VHDL and OpenLane

Interview with Tim Edwards - what happens between ASIC submission and sending to Skywater?

Interview with Lakshmi S - PLL design

Interview With Diego Hernando

Interview with Arya Reais-Parsi - FPGA fabric

Interview With Sylvain 'tnt' Munaut: USB peripherals

Interview With Vladimir Milovanović - spectrometer with Chisel